Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well we watched G Force(his choice) and it was pretty cute. I need to work on various challenges but if I do get the time it will be late afternoon. I've got to complete the Church Bulletin first, then work on some menus for our New Monthly Menu for Family Night Suppers. Then sadly we are visiting a friend who's husband passed away at the funeral home tonight.
Anyway it's a georgeous day, I'm glad to be alive and well and I hope everyone has a Blessed day!


Carrie said...

Sorry that your friend's husband passed! Hugs!!

Thanks for the review on the movie G force. I want to take middle ds to see it! I think he'll enjoy it!

Cindy said...

Thanks Carrie! It was a blessing I think. They know he's in peace in heaven now and he had had Alzheimer's for a few years and had been in the resthome and was doing poorly for a while.

Enjoy the movie!